Opening Plenary Session

COVID-19 and New Realities for Returning Internationally Abducted Children

Thursday October 1, 2020   

9:15 - 10:15 PM EDT

iStand Parent Network Inc. welcomes U.S. Dept. of State Office of Children's Issues Director Scott Renner to discuss challenging new realities for resolving International Parental Child Abduction in the COVID era.  Director Renner will share insight on how the Office of Children’s Issues is recognizing, adapting and responding to new realities for resolving abductions given the multiple impacts of COVID 19 on international relations.  Join this opening plenary session to learn more about how the State Department is responding to these challenges, and what new opportunities are emerging for inter-country cooperation to return children home and facilitate parents’ access to the abroad.   

Plenary Session

Repatriating America's Stolen Children

                    Thursday October 1, 2020                 

10:30 - 11:30 PM EDT

We proudly welcome Jared Genser to the 7th International Parents Conference, Oct. 1, in the Stansbury & Paint Branch Rooms of the Hilton Garden Inn. Jared is a formidable human rights attorney, author, scholar and Georgetown law professor. He will deliver remarks during the 10:30 am Plenary Session: Repatriating America's Stolen Children.

Jared will present strategies for overcoming procedural barriers imposed by the U.S. Department of State when parents are seeking passports as a step toward reunification with their abducted children.  You don't want to miss that insightful session. Add it to your schedule in Guidebook today!

Afternoon Breakout Session #2

 The Goldman Act: Effective Tool or Paper Tiger


Thursday October 1, 2020   

1:30 - 2:30 PM EDT

The session will attempt to answer 4 questions based on the last issued State Department Annual Compliance Report for:


(a) which states are the most significant offenders when it comes to the systematic refusal to return US citizen children who are internationally abducted, parentally or otherwise;

(b) what are the tools and sanctions provided by the Goldman Act; (c) what is the actual current status regarding the implementation of the Goldman Act (frequency and substantive quality of reports produced and given congress, nature of sanctions sought or applied, exceptions to sanctions and reasons given); and

(d) what needs to happen to make the Goldman Act the effective tool to obtain the return of US citizen children, which Congress intended.

Afternoon Breakout Session #3

 The Goldman Act: Effective Tool or Paper Tiger


Thursday October 1, 2020   

2:30 - 3:30 PM EDT

Join iStand parents Michelle Littleton, Bart Critser and Noelle Hunter for this informal session in which these parents share their experiences in bringing their children home from Lebanon, Denmark and Mali.


Though their cases are different in important respects, they have some surprising similarities and strategies in common. Learn how to avoid certain pitfalls and take advantage of strategic opportunities in your fight to return your children home by hearing from parents who have 'been there'.

Closing Plenary Session

Bringing Children Home: 

Obstacles & Opportunities in the New World Order


Thursday October 1, 2020   

3:45 - 4:45 PM EDT

U.S. Naval Captain (Ret.) Paul Toland, former FBI Special Agent Eugene Casey, and International Diplomat Alf Friiso close iStand 2020 with a plenary session on opportunities to reform complex, entrenched governmental, legal, social and educational systems (both domestic and international) to be reunited with our children.  

Parent-advocates Alf Friiso and Paul Toland relate their experiences and discuss the challenges of complex international arrangements that perpetuate International Parental Child Abduction. Eugene Casey shares suggestions for families seeking to engage law enforcement in their cases. This expert panel concludes iStand 2020 with an invitation to the audience to consider adaptive strategies for reuniting with their children and reforming the issue on a systemic level.

Download the 2020 Conference Schedule here.

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